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Click here to log into Edsby

Edsby is an easy way for you to stay current with your student's grades.  Once you have activated your account, and your student’s teachers have posted information, you can use Edsby to check your student’s grades.  Edsby is updated by teachers approximately every two weeks. If your student's grades have not been updated accordingly, please email

To obtain an Edsby account:
  • Information that parents will need on hand:
  • Name of school student attends
  • Student id number
  • Last 4 digits of SSN
  • Student DOB (MM/DD/YYYY)
Registration website is: 

If you have questions regarding your existing Edsby account,
please contact Ms. Edna Zayas Colon, Assistant Teacher for Technology.

813.276.5682 ext. 238


Clever is accessible by all students in Hillsborough County Public Schools.  Students access
this platform by using their "active directory" log in which is the same as their Office 365
userid and password.  This is a platform which houses access to multiple applications and textbook links
to support student learning.

Click "Log in as a Student."
Search for "Wilson Middle School Tampa"
Then proceed with your userid and password.

Khan Academy is a personalized, internet based program that supports any student in:
  • Math by Subject
  • Math by Grade
  • Science and Engineering
  • Computing
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Economics and Finance
  • Test Prep
  • College, Careers and More
All students enrolled in Hillsborough County Public Schools have free access to this reinforcement and enrichment
by going to the website:


The Florida Students interet based website was designed by the Florida Department of Education
to support students in their learning of the Florida Standards.  This site is divided into 4
categories:  Language Arts, Math, Sceince and Social Studies.  Students can then
drill into the website to his/her specific grade level and then what is currently be learned.

This website is open access.

342018_81533_6.png  Math Homework Hotline

NoRedInk helps your children practice their grammar and writing skills.
Students work with engaging and often humorous sentences that incorporate their
favorite characters, musicians, athletes, books, movies, sports teams,
and celebrities.

In addition, NoRedInk provides adaptive, differentiated instruction.
This means that the site adjusts questions in real time based on each student's needs.
When learners get stuck, NoRedInk shows them tutorials that help
them correct mistakes and keep going.

Some classes use this regularly and your child can access the
site using a "class code."  There is free access by just continuing to
click the "I don't have a class code" option.


Want to practice from items very similiar to those on the
FSA (Florida Standards Assessment)?  This website takes you through
sample items from any grade level, any content you wish to try.

This site is open access, log in as a guest.


All Hillsborough County students have free access to all resources available from
the Hillsborough County Public Library.  When you click the link below go to:

-Log in, in the upper left hand corner.
-The barcode/username is your child's HCPS student IS (lunch) number.
-The PIN/password for all students is 4321.
-Click "Library Info" and highlight "Resources."

Besides having access to the entire HC Library collection you can click on
"Learning & Research" and have access to multiple online programs including individualized tutoring,
foreign language instruction for over 70 languages and many digital collections.