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The purpose of middle school Social Studies is for students to construct their knowledge of the past and present to function as literate, aware and productive citizens. The study of history and civics calls for students to engage in critical thinking, research, communication and active participation.  

At Woodrow Wilson students will take World History in 6th grade, Civics in 7th grade and U.S. History in 8th grade.  Students are placed in classes based on a
variety of data points and information:  previous standardized test scores, previous report cards, work habits, maturity of child, teacher recommendation etc. While
we try to get the level "right" with our first placement, sometimes we do need to adjust class level placement, up or down, based on student current performance.
Our goal is to provide an environment that will challenge and push each child, but not consistently frustrate. And, the Class Size Reduction Amendment
must always be followed.

When you review your child's schedule, you can easily determine which level of class they have been placed in based on the last 2 digits of the Hillsborough
County Public Schools (HCPS) course number. If you click on any of the course levels below, you will be redirected to  which will give you a
description of the course and the standards required to be taught. In addition, the site lists the teacher’s certification necessary to teach the course and an abundance
of student and parent resources for mastering the content.

6th Grade World History  Levels with Last 2 Digit HCPS Course Identifier

7th Grade Civics & Career Planning Levels with Last 2 Digit HCPS Course Identifier

All students in Civics Civics End of Course (EOC) exam.

8th Grade US History History & Career Planning Levels with Last 2 Digit HCPS Course Identifier

If a student enrolls in the 8th grade from an out of state school, private or parochial school, they are required by state law to take the Civics course and subsequently the EOC.  
Civics will be in place of US HIstory.

For additional questions about Social Studies at Wilson, please contact Subject Area Leader,  Malcolm Moore.